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About Me
I live and work from home in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA for a local company, WVNET.
My work involves advanced technical support of hosted Ellucian Banner web software for business customers. Often, this means Oracle DB administration.
Banner is a complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, so all departments of WVNET are involved in its maintenance and support. There are integrations to establish and maintain, some public presentations, and a lot of learning.
Also: I am an avid bash and PowerShell scripting advocate and software developer. As an engineer, I never stop learning.
🎯 Currently, I am open to other opportunities. My family is growing and my income needs to grow proportionately.
🌟 Please reach out to me at LinkedIn if you're interested in what I have to offer.
All of these projects are for learning and fun. It is my nature to engineer things, and I do my best to follow best practices.
  • This website is in "vanilla" HTML and CSS. It is designed and organized to be accessible, easy to read, and compatible with mobile browsers. Feel free to (visit the source on Github). Following are some special things about this site:
    • Development environment is powered by PowerShell, NodeJS, Neovim, Visual Studio Code, and Windows Terminal
    • Testing with lynx is via Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and Oracle Enterprise Linux 9 (OEL9 / RHEL9)
    • The source is based on and forked from DigitalOcean's default "simple-html" template site
    • SCSS is used to interpret the CSS, and both this "Projects" section and the "About" section (and any further sections I might add) are based on "parts" and a number of background PowerShell jobs
    • As of 2024 01 28, this is my favorite project, because I'm not running out of interesting things to learn or try
  • Obsidian notetaking: Special thanks to Dynalist for offering Obsidian! I use it for all of my notes. Those notes are CLI-searchable and also able to be manipulated with tools like grep, awk, and sed.
    • note-taking is pretty great πŸ’–, especially if you like managing your notes in Markdown.
    • Visit's site for more info.
  • Obsidian Overlay project: A project I've published is called "Overlay", and it takes @kepano's default Obsidian theme and merely adds a few extra things (rather than being an entire, fresh Obsidian Theme). Check it out on Github.
    • Sidebar: My CV is exported to PDF with Obsidian using my custom Overlay theme and a media-print.css Snippet I created to make it print nicely. (CV available upon request. LinkedIn is the best way to contact me.)
  • Delafuerza Print OpenType font project: This text is in "Delafuerza Print", which I created with Calligraphr, Inkscape, and a Wacom tablet. Here's how that worked:
    • Calligraphr was used to
      • a) download PDF templates to fill out with Inkscape, and
      • b) upload those hand-written PDFs for Calligraphr to parse them into the Delafuerza Print font.
    • Inkscape was used with a Wacom writing tablet to fill in PDF templates for Calligraphr.

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